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Identifying Elderberries and Their Safe Use.

Medline Plus from the National Library of Medicine, Information on the Medicinal Uses and Toxicity of Elderberries

USDA Plant Profile for Sambucus nigra L. ssp. canadensis (L.) Common Elderberry

Photographs and descriptions of the flowering and non-flowering plants of Missouri, Elderberry

CDC - Poisoning from Elderberry Juice, Leaves and Stems -- California

Sambunigrin and cyanogenic variability in populations of Sambucus canadensis L. (Caprifoliaceae), a scientific paper measuring the level of cyanogenic potential in some wild elderberries, but unfortunately not in cultivated varities

Elderberry Improvement Project and Varieties.

For those who are interested in elderberries they actually did a scientific paper on the levels of anthocyanins in different cultivars of elderberries, and, the paper is free to download.
Lee, J. and Finn, C.E. 2007. Anthocyanins and other polyphenolics in American elderberry (Sambucus canadensis), and European elderberry (S. nigra) cultivars.

Elderberry Improvement Project at the Department of Fruit Science, Missouri State University, Patrick Byers and Andrew Thomas, Southwest Research and Education Center, University of Missouri

Cultivars used in the Elderberry Improvement Project Missouri

Paul Evans Library of Fruit Science Elderberry Resources & Bibliography, Missouri State University Libraries

Growing Elderberries.

Cornell New York Food and Life Sciences Bulletin on Growing Elderberries

Elderberries for Home Gardens Ontario

Elderberries Penn State Fruit Production for the Home Gardener

Drip Irrigation for Elderberries

Elderberry Winemaking.

Frugal Wine Making, The Elderberry Project.

Lucs European Winemaking Blog.

Wine Maker Magazine - Elderberry: Varietal Focus (Aug, 2003)

Winemaking with Elderberries by T. Edwin Belt at EC Krause

Rainbow Farms MD Elderberry Winemaking

Elderberry Wine Recipies on Jack Kellers Winemaking Webpage

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Join the UK Wines at Home Forum

Pauls Elderberry Page in the UK

Elderberry Plants for Sale.

Call Marge Nulllican for Wyldewood #1 and #2, Checotah, IK, 74426 (918-473-0797)
Wyldewood Cellars Winery, Home of the Newest US Cultivar, Wyldewood 1 and 2 as well as Elderberry wine and products

Elderberry Health

Jung Seed Company Sells York and Adams as a Pair

Elderberry Plants, Johns and Sampo

Double A Vineyards
Elderberry Plants, Johns, Adams, Nova and York

Elderberry Plants Allesso, Korsor, Nova, York, Haschberg and Goldbeere (golden berry) plut others

Elderberry Plants, Haschberg and Goldbeere (golden berry) plus others

Elderberry Plants, New Varities American Elderberries

Stuff for Elderberry Winemaking to Make it Easier.

Cynmar Scientific Lab Supplies including Burets and Sodium Hydroxide

Best Containers for Food Grade Barrel Liners

Ziplock Big Bags for Freezing Elderberries

Elderberry Jelly, Juice and Stuff.

Pauls Elderbery Page, Wine, Jelly and Cordials

Elderberry Jelly and Juice

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