Oatmeal Jack's BFCs

A Nice Conn. River 22

First 20 From the River Swim July

A Mirror From the River Swim

A River Swim Fully Scaled Mirror

A Nice Low 20s Common From the River Swim

A Nice Low 20 Caught After an All Night Vigil at the River Swim
Moments Later Another Low 20 Came Into the Net
I Then Pulled My Lines in and Went to Sleep!

A Nice Fully Scaled Mirror from the River Swim

1998 PB From the River Swim Sept on a Boilie!

A July 4th new (and 1st) Grass Carp PB of 35 pounds
on sweetcorn just before the fireworks at Castle Keep
Virginia, USA

Carp Pulled out of the Weeds
from the Rubble Swim July

Carp Pulled out of the Rocks
from the River Swim Sept

River Swim 1998 Full of Eggs June
New PB for The River Swim

BFC that Fell to Float Fished Sweet Corn
Rubble Swim July

A nice 24 Maryland Tidal River Common.

A new PB, Big George, 32 pounds of Demon river carp. We have many Big Georges in the River Swim, most of the BFCs have these high broad shoulders once they start to get big.

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