Everything from catching them to respecting them as a natural resource and eating them! 1987 (ISBN: 091323544X ) and out of print but worth finding copies of.

Modern Bank Fishing

by Mike Keyes

If you want to learn how to catch big fish read this book! Modern Bank Fishing takes us Americans one step past using doughballs for carp and catfish. Mike doesnt even put the bait on the hook anymore, he puts it on a little string tied to the hook leaving the hook bare. Thats crazy right? Now the hook is bare, how is this going to work? The fish sucks in the bait, the hook goes right along with the bait, the fish figures out something isnt right with this meal and tries to spit it out, the bare hook then digs in and the fish set the hook themselves! This is a cool way to catch big fish and is easy to learn. Mike tells us the easy ways to make and use this hair rig as it is called. He also introduces us to chumming for carp and catfish as well as showing us some of the new tackle for bank fishing. Mike advances us from using forked sticks stuck in the bank to bite alarms and even how to make your own bait.

Fishing the Upper Potomac River

by Ken Penrod
I know this is not exactly a carp fishing book but Ken Penrod gives a guide to all the fishing holes on the Upper Potomac River so you can get this book and read all about every swim there is and be your own carp fishing guide. Maps, even which side of the river to guide your boat so you stay out of trouble or better, fish some good holes. A must read for exploring the Upper Potomac River.

Gone Fishin'...For Carp

by Manny Luftglass is a nice little book from the king of New Jersey fishing writers. Manny has Three other books on salt and fresh water angling and wrote this one because of his special love for carp. Full of good information and well worth the $12.95 postage paid. Manny will donate $1.00 towards the CAG for every book sold to a CAG member, just dont forget to tell him if you are a member. Published by Gone Fishin' Enterprises; PO BX 556; Annandale, New Jersey; 08801; 908-730-8109 (ask for an autographed copy).

Gone Fishin' with Kids (How To Take Your Kid Fishing and Still Be Friends)

by Joe Perrone, Jr. and Manny Luftglass; 100 pages with b/w photos. Published by Gone Fishin' Enterprises; PO BX 556; Annandale, New Jersey; 08801; $9.99. Available at online book sellers and other sources. Manny will donate $1.00 towards the CAG for every book sold to a CAG member, just dont forget to tell him if you are a member.

From "Gone Fishin' with Carp" author Manny Luftglass and outdoor writer Joe Perrone, Jr. comes "Gone Fishin' with Kids,..." an equally easy, light hearted, humorous and informative must-read for any mom, dad or grandparent that is thinking about or is in the position of taking their or other kids fishing. There are well documented benefits teaching kids how to fish including keeping them out of trouble, parental bonding and self esteem building as well as ensuring that oft-attacked recreational fishing survives into the next millenium. Of particular benefit to carp anglers is the opportunity to mold a new perspective of carp as a gamefish for the next generation of anglers. Lets face it, changing many anglers minds is like beating your head against a brick wall, but with kids you start with a blank slate and a more open mind. This handy guide provides the answers to a number of daunting questions and circumstances, most important of which is how to create an enjoyable experience for everyone and maintain sound mental health. Successfully fishing with youngsters and bridging the generation gap is not rocket science but its surprisingly easy to screw up, resulting in flared tempers and a kid that's likely to never pick up rod for the rest of their life.

All told, "Gone Fishin' with Kids..." at $9.99 is the bargain of a lifetime...or maybe two or three if you follow the teachings of Manny and Joe. They won't show you how to catch more and bigger fish, but they will make you a better fisherman because if you do it right you will always have a fishing buddy. Take a kid fishing.

Never Sniff A Gift Fish

by Patrick F. McManus
This is not a carp fishing book but is a series of books written by outdoors writer Patrick F. McManus. Patrick writes stories begining with his childhood in the wilds of Idaho to the problems facing the modern outdoorsman. Funny stories of fishing, hunting, hunting dogs, the proper telling of fish tales, camping, girls, wild food and the many characters he has met in his foraging in the wilds. If you get even one of Patrick's books you will soon get them all. Everyone from kids, adults and grandparents will love the all the stories, they are appropriate for all ages.
ISBN 0-8050-0031-3

The Syndicate

by Mark Cunnington
DO NOT let Mark Cunnington into your Syndicate!
DO NOT even give him a membership form!
DO NOT even let him know you are a carp fisherman!
Otherwise he might want to fish with you and if it
turns out nearly as funny as his psychotic adventures
at his last Syndicate, you DONT want to be there!
"The Syndicate", its a blast and its even cheap!!

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