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Easy Boilie Recipe You have now entered the mystical realm of the Boilie. They are round doughballs that are made with eggs, flour and flavors and are boiled until they are hard. This prevents them from being plucked apart like a soft doughball by small fish. They are fun to fish with and will occasionally catch a BFC. With a Slingshot you can bait up at a long distance. You just have to figure out what flavors and ingredients to make them with, what color to choose and what size would be best. Then you wonder how many to use. One boilie certainly will do well, sometimes sitting on the bottom and sometimes filled with foam or cork to float off of the bottom. Sometimes you use one of each for a presentation that neither floats or sits perfectly still on the bottom. I like to use two 20 mm boilies to search for bigger carp capable of swallowing such a meal, but they make 40 mm Donkey Choker boilies and bigger to sort out the real big BFCs. With PVA thread you can thread several boilies together, tie them to your hook, cast out and the string dissolves leaving your hookbait in the company of other boilies. Some carp anglers like to put on a boilie and some maize for a special treat, others like to combine two different boilies to present two different flavors at the same time. Some carpiers like to cut the boilie in half or poke holes in it to let out more flavor. Some carp anglers like to match the color of the lake bottom so ducks dont eat them all while others like to use bright colored ones that stick out from the bottom. Just like potato chips carp cant eat just one.

Chrysalis Maggots

Maggots, supposed to be a great bait for carp, also, can be a great snack on the shore.


Soaked Maize, Boilies, beans, sweetcorn and many other things can be used to chum carp. Now We are at the Heart of The Easy Way to Catch Carp - CHUMMING! We Always Try to Chum Our Fishing Spots at Least the Night Before We Go Fishing with 4 or 5 Gallons of Chum. If the Spot was Never Chummed Before We Try to Chum it for 2 or 3 Days Before We Even Try to Fish for Carp. Our Chum is Very Simple - Field Corn Soaked for a Couple of Days or Weeks, the More it Stinks the Better. We Also Like to Add Cracked Corn, Chicken Scratch Feed, Wild Bird Feed, Peas and Beans to the Chum to Get the Carp to Stay and Eat and Eat and Eat. On the Day You Fish, if ALL the Field Corn is Gone, Add Another Bucket. Make Sure You Set Up Your Chair and Drinks Before Casting Out. If the Carp are on Your Chum in America You Will be Getting Screaming Runs! Once the Screaming Runs Start Throw in Some More Chum with a Scoop (Plastic Gutter Cleaner Scoop at Hardware Store) to Keep the Carp in the Area, They Will Get Used to the Noise and Soon Will Get Exited When They Hear the Chum Hit the Water.


There are many recipes for doughballs. Simple doughballs are made from just oatmeal kneaded in the water until the correct consistency to stay on the hook. Wheaties wetted with strawberry soda and kneaded into a ball are also popular. There also exists many of "grandads secret" doughball recipes that are guarded secrets handed down from father to son made of such things as molasses, corn meal, anise and cattails. Most carpers sweeten thier doughballs with sugar and add a fruit flavor like strawberry koolaide or jello. Many pay lake tournament anglers are very specific on the ingredients used in thier doughballs since everyone is using a doughball they want thiers to stand out and be taken by the carp to win the pot. Doughballs can be fished on a single hook for better hookups than treble hooks, if the dough is the correct consistency it can be easily cast on a single hook. Rigs can be simply a doughball on the hook with no weight, a split shot or with a running weight for long range casting into deeper waters or to hold against the current.


Hemp seeds from PESCAVIVA are freshly cooked for groundbait and for use as a hookbait. They are used ONLY for fishing and are NOT for human consumption! PESCAVIVA hempseed are made of "Cannabis Sativa" grains and not "Cannabis Indica". In addition, cooked and sprouted hempseed lose all the powers of drugs! In Europe hemp seeds are used as chum, they say the carp sometimes get so preoccupied with these little seeds that they even ignore the bigger baits like maize and keep vacuming up the tiny hemp seeds. You can buy hemp seeds legally in the USA, but I still have reservations about trying to tell the game warden that you are really fishing with hemp seeds and not out planting a new crop so be discrete with its use in fishing. See Tackle Dealers for Wacker Baits, US distributor of PESCAVIVA.


Also known as Field or Feed Corn. It is prepared for Chum by soaking for several days to several weeks. Some carp anglers even boil the chum so it releases even more flavor into the water. Most of our Carp are caught on Boilied Maize. To prepare Maize for Bait (Hookbait), soak it overnight then boil for 30 minutes - 1 Hour. Add any flavor of Koolaid, I think Strawberry is best, but there are hundreds of flavors either made specifically for carp bait or available in the grocery store. If it smells good to you the Carp will like it.


I always put a mieliebomb around my sinker. This bomb is made by boiling dry maize for a few hours and then mincing it. It breaks up in the water and creates a lovely feeding spot. With a nice casting techniques you can throw a tennis ball sized bomb well over 100 yards. You can colour and flavour this ball as well. I like bunspice flavouring as well as caramel and almond. If you are unable to dump a bucket of maize in the river by canoe etc then throwing a couple of dozen of these balls is just the trick. The flakes also make it harder for the hungry carp to feed and satiate their hunger :-) Thats what hook baits are for :-) I usually feed fine crushed maize rather than whole corn to avoid overfeeding. (Pic and instructions from Brian du Toit of SA)


Pescaviva sweet corn is a special strain of Italian sweet corn which produces large, sweet, dense grains which are more suitable for fishing than regular sweet corn because the Pescaviva grains are allowed to mature on the cob. This results in more compact grains that are then sweetened, flavored and colored prior to canning, and being suspended in a sweet flavoured liquor which is highly attractive to carp. See Tackle Dealers for Wacker Baits, US distributor of PESCAVIVA.

Range Cubes

They smell so good, they dissolve over several minutes to leave a cloud of tiny particles in the water. Throw a couple handfulls in the swim, cast out and wait for the carp to come rolling in looking for dinner. I would think that rat chow, the large pellets would also work well but the range cubes smell sweeter, they probably contain molassas like sweet feed does.


One of the most popular and sucessfull baits for carp. One of the best techniques is to simply thread a few kernels onto the hook, a few splitshot for weight, throw a handfull of sweetcorn out in to the water and cast into the chum. Very good for day or night fishing. We prefer sweet corn for night fishing, you dont get stuck with a Boilie Needle threading it onto a hook.


Not Tony the Tigers! Tiger nuts are the root tubers of the yellow nutsedge, known as chufas and eaten by people. They are very hard, need to be soaked overnight and boiled prior to use. It is recomended that they soak in thier own boiled juices to extract more flavor.

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