Carp Fishing in Wild Wonderful West Virginia USA

Oatmeal Jack's Shenandoah and Potomac River Swim

Even if you break your arm you can hold up a trophy carp, even if you are a blonde you can catch a big carp, even if you play soccer you can still catch a carp, even if you have a pretty red jacket or you fish with your hairy old uncle you can still catch lots of carp!

There are Many Ways to Enjoy Carping. A New Way to Fish for Carp - Called the European Method Involves Chumming to Attract the Carp - Yes its Legal in West Virginia - and Attaching the Bait to the Hook with a Hair (Thread) so the Hook is Bare and NOT Covered by Bait. Doughballs have always caught carp, and work well if just wrapped around the sinker with some corn on a hair rig too. Sometimes All You Need is a Simple Can of Sweet Corn to Catch a BFC!

This Carp Fishing Website is Dedicated to Having FUN Fishing for Carp. It Does Not Matter How Big the Carp is, if You Caught it that is ALL FUN. We are Also Dedicated to Carrying on the Traditions of Carp Fishing in the USA and Teaching Yound and New Anglers How to Carp Fish. We Also Follow the Traditons in the US that Once You Catch a Fish its Fate is in Your Hands, Keep it or Release it, its up to You. The ONLY Thing that Matters Here is Having FUN Fishing for Carp.
Oatmeal Jack

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Oatmeal Jack's Potomac and Shanandoah River Swims
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Ed, May 1932 - October 2007

Mikes Fishing Camp April 2009

Easy Eds Swim 2008

The Monster What Swims in the Shenandoah River July 2008

The Shenandoah River Carp Fishing River Party of 2008

The Carp Fishing River Party of 2007

Ass Seen in the USCAPRPRO Magazine: I Got This Carp Fishing Thing All Figured Out, Cookie, 2007

Read Some Outrageous Stories by Jack and Friends
Carp Fishing Stories Swim

Young Entropy armed with his Predators
and Baitrunners Surveys his Swim

My Brother Brett, my neices Bretney, Sara and Tara
Helping Brett hold up his new PB of 30 Pounds
Baptismal Swim

Family Fishing on the Shenandoah River 2001
Fishing in the Broken Arm Swim

My Brother Andy, Summer 1995

Brother Andy on the Potomac River

Oat the Carp Swimming Free in Greece

Always try to take a kid fishing!! Everyone joins in
when a carp is hooked and running for the other shore.

A few of the fish we Caught with Friends and Family
River Gallery Swim

New PB 32 Pounds From the River Swim July on a Boilie!
His name is Big George.

Here are Some More of Oatmeal Jack's Catches in
Oats Perty Carp Swim

Craig "The Carpier" with a 25.5 lb Common Caught in the
River Swim at 3am on a Cold October 1997 Night

Carp Fishing Tackle Pictionary
Tackle Pictionary Swim

Carp Fishing Bait Pictionary
Bait Pictionary Swim

Learn to tie some Carp Rigs at the
Rigs Swim

WV Rusty B. with a new PB of 27 pounds from the Potomac River
Rustys PB was the Winner of the 2000 Jr CAG Big Fish Award,
when it was run by people who wanted to just promote carp fishing

Johanna (12, Manyuk Jakes Daughter) Handfeeding a Cheeze Doodle
to a BFC at Eaton Ferry Marina on Lake Gaston, NC.
NO, You Can't Fish off the Dock!

Images of the Types of Wild Carp in the Potomac River
Carp Portraits

Gallery of Fish Species Often Caught While Carp Fishing Worldwide
Rough Fish

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