Carp Fishing with a Float

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Floats for Carp

There are 3 basic floats, Wagglers, Sticks and the freeline type such as the Polaris.
These floats differ in that wagglers are fixed on the bottom only, sticks are fixed both top and bottom with float rubbers (little ruber bands), while the Polaris is not fixed at all. Wagglers are suited to still or slow running water, sticks are suited for faster water and the Polaris is for water deeper than your rod length and up to almost any depth. Although rigs are many and viaried these are the basic ways to set up these floats.


Wagglers generally have around 80-90% of the load placed around the base to both lock it and assist the cast, the rest is used as needed to suit conditions. A bobber stopper can also be used to adjust the depth of the float.

Stick Floats

Stick floats usually have the shot set "shirt button" style but if the water is fast and you need to fish the bottom then the shot is bulked down the line towards the hook, this allows you to hold back the line and make the bait rise enticingly. The Avon and Chubber (gold colored one) are used for faster water. The little rubber bands for braces would work well for a float rubber.

Polaris Float

This is a float that is used for deep water, it is self-adjusting in that you dont need to use a float stopper to set the depth. The float is cast out and rises to the surface, the slack line is tightened until the float sits properly and sets itself. The line is run thru a small hole at the base that alows it to float to the surface after casting but will hold the float in place under tension. It is important to allow slack line after casting until the float has surfaced. etc.

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