Hair Rigging

The Hair Rig No-Knot


The No-Knot Hair Rig. Spiderwire is an Excellent Hooklength (Leader) Material. The Little Loop on the End can either be formed by making an Overhand Knot or the Tag can be Folded Back on Itself to Form a Big Loop. The Hair is the Loop that Hangs off the Bend of the Hook. The Rig is Completed by Tying on a Swivel. The Hooklength can Vary from a Few Inches to Several Feet

Baiting the Hair Rig


A No-Knot Knot is used to tie the hook to the leader and to supply the Hair, in this picture the Hair is a continuous loop. Another way to tie the Hair is to just tie a knot at the end forming a small loop.


The bait is then threaded onto a boilie needle and the barb of the needle grabs the Hair loop. In this example the yellow foam represents Maize. Optionally, a more bouyant presentation is made using Pop-Up Foam (white foam) to make the bait either neutrally bouyant, just barely resting on the bottom, or actually floating popped-up off of the bottom.


The bait is pushed off of the needle and onto the hair.


A Boilie Stopper is inserted into the loop to prevent the bait from slidding off.


Finally, the bait is slid back tight against the boilie stopper and the rig is finished. Many opinions vary on the length of the hair and whether the bait should just touch the bend of the hook, come off closer to the shank or further from the bend.

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