The Ready Rig (Oatmeal Jack, WV)


The ready rig allows you to hair rig boilies at home to be ready for fishing. This could be used for night rigging if you dont like getting stuck with a boilie needle in the dark! The real beauty of this rig is that you can make up a bunch, drop them into some glug or bait dip and just leave them to soak up the flavors until needed. When soaked in glug or dip the boilies often become hard as a rock due to the dip dehydrating the boilies, making them all but impossible to put on a hair rig, plus you rub a lot of the dip off just trying to get them rigged up. With the ready rig you just take out a pretied rig, slip the point of your hook thru the foam and you are ready to start fishing.

To make this rig you will need some braid, floss or your favorite hair rig line. Take a long section of your hair and thread your boilies onto it and attach a boilie stopper. Take a piece of popup foam and cut two shallow slits on both sides. Slide the foam between the free ends of the hair and tie a triple overhand knot and secure snugly - but not too tight or you wont be able to slip the hook thru the foam. Tie another triple overhand knot to finish the rig and trim your ends. Drop in your favorite glug or dip and they will be ready when you are.

Oatmeal Jack
April, 2000

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