The Weed Rig (Roy Ramsden, UK)


I have dreamed up a rig that has started to catch carp for me in the thickest under water weeds. It allows the bait to be presented on top of underwater weeds buy using a cork and a leader to the lead to keep the main line above the weeds and tangle free.

Attach a mono leader to a lead (dipsey or tear drop with a swivel imbeded in the top) as long or longer than the weed is, if the weed is very long make this as long as you can comfortably cast. Run the leader through some stiff plastic rig tubing. Usually this comes in 12 inch lengths so you may need two. Drill a hole in a wine cork, slip tighly over the rig tubing and leave the cork free running so the weed will push the cork to the lead and make playing the fish easy. Attach a swivel.

Pass the main line through the swivel on the cork and leave it free running or you can put a stop knot a little way up your main line if you like to make it semi fixed. Attach a hooklink a little longer than normal so even if the cork goes into some of the weed your hooklink and balanced pop-up will still slowly sink on top of the weed. This is your aim.

Add a 2 inch section of flexible rig tubing onto the hooklink after you tied on the hook, thread this tubing onto your hooklink then tie on the swivel, then pull the tubing to the swivel and push it over the eye so it wont move. The rig tubing will bounce off the lead so it wont tangle around tubing joints or swivel eyes.

Test the rig in the shallows so you can see it, watch the bait, poped up or critically balanced, as it comes to rest at the side of the tubing, but hangs away from it due to the hooklink tubing. Imagine a big bed of weeds around this, the lead would penetrate the weed, but the cork is clear of it, the hookbait would settle gently on top of the weeds and drop slightly into the weed as the hooklink material lays nicely across the top of it.

Just where the carp are looking to eat!

Roy Ramsden
September, 1998

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