Coarse Fish Swim

Hawgmaster Todd with a new PB Grass Carp at 51 pounds.

Carp stud with a 51 pound Buffalo.
I caught this in 1985 Boy what a rush pullin this one in.
Bass fisherman all around watchin me land this one, then
one of them drove up to my peir got out looked at it and
said "What the hell is that thing?" I laughed my ass off.

Ugly Tiger Ethan M. with his PB Blue Catfish weighing 53.44 lbs.
that is 51.5" long with a 30.5" girth. It measured
9" between the eyes.It was caught near Glenwood, IA, on
Oct. 21 at 1:15 AM on a small piece of turkey liver.
It was released after weighing.

Goldfish USA

Mrs. Oatmeal Jack with an American Chub,
Caught on a Trolled Rapala while Salmon Fishing.

Brother Brett with a Channel Catfish from the Potomac River Swim

Northern Hogsucker netted out of the river swim,
the first we have ever seen one. They are more
common in the tributaries feeding into rivers
throughout the East Coast.

Budgie sent in these pics of Wels Catfish(Siluris Glanis)
caught in the River Ebro, May 1998

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