Oatmeal Jack and Friends Carp Fishing Stories

Carp Fishing with Oatmeal Jack and Friends

Ed, May 1932 - October 2007

Mikes Fish Camp April 2009

The FISHING PARTY on the Shenandoah River Summer 2008

The FISHING PARTY on the Shenandoah River Summer 2007

Easy Eds Swim 2008

Avalon John in WV 2008

Newbies and Old Fishers start a new year on the River Swim May 2007

2 Mikies plus 2 Old Men of the Harbor Swim

Susupenders Swim

Swimming Tiger Swim

Sugars Swim

Shepherdstown 2002

The Baptismal Swim

Heron Run on the Potomac, Kid Fishing

Exploring the River Swim - The Danish Way

Dr Ajian and Dr Xiang on the Potomac River 2001
Visiting Scientists from China fishing in the Wonton Swim

Bill on the Potomac River 2001
Univerity of Marylands most promising student fishing the Slacker Swim

Dr Sehyung and his first carps on the Potomac River 2001
Young Scientist from Korea fishing in the Hot Squid Swim

Easy Ed on the Potomac River 2001

Carp Fishing Stories from Oatmeal Jack

The Monster What Lived in the Shenandoah River July 2008

I Got This Carp Fishing Thing Figured Out, Cookie, 2007

Advanced Carp Fishing Techniques

Mad Cows

The Big Brown Trout

Get It Off Get It Off

Snake Lake

Mountaineer Chili

Fish Dogs

River Vultures

Inner Harbor Fishing with Joe Shea

Boat Fishing for Carp

Our Carp Fishing Vacation in Disneyland, Florida

Coventry Falls and the GM Carp

Bear Paw Island

Monkey Island Carp

The Nestea Plunge

Guide to Getting Started in Carp Fishing

The Three Levels of PETA

How to know if you are an Obsessed American Carper:

BFCs: Crafty feeders or just pushed out of the way

The Little Red Ball of Goodness Bait Recognition Theory

Spodding for BFCs - a Pavlonian Response

Lloyds Second Chance

The Carpiers

Stories from Carp Fishing Friends

Demon River Carp
By Andy "the Naughty Brit" Dowie

Frank and Narda Walters WV Bonanza Swim Carp
by Frank and Narda "Just Carpin" Walters

Mealies, South Africa's Secret Baits
By South Africas Brian Brits

Fishing in South Africa
By South African Brian du Toit

Carp Fishing in the Deep South
By SC Paul "Just Carp'N" Collins

Carp Fishing Rules
By West Virginias Jean Ward, the "Carp Lady"

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