Avalon John Battles his Inner Carper at a Famous West Virginia Carp Fishing Lake

I am known among my carping friends as Avalon John. I was named for my favorite lake to go carp fishing in, but that is not really why its my favorite lake. It was my turn to pick a lake to go carp fishing in West Virginia. I love the mountains in our state so I searched a WV map and found a likely looking lake called Avalon high up in the mountains. It's a large lake near Paw Paw that has a resort on one end and campsites on the other end. I hoped it was full of giant carp. We planned our trip for July 4th so that the water would be warm enough for the pre-spawning females to be full of eggs. Everyone packed up their tents, Cookie rolled boilies, Hooktat and his wife made the world's best macaroni salad, Oatmeal Jack stirred his stinky corn, the Caveman got his camera ready to record our carp fishing adventure. Alibi Rob loaded up his carp fishing truck so we would be ready for any emergency.

AThe Inner Carper

We got to Avalon lake late at night and set up our tents. There was a long narrow woody point jutting out into the lake with some campsites on each side. The other guys took the sites on the main lake side. I took a camp site on the cove side figuring the carp would be looking for a nice place to spawn away from the crowded lake. After setting up our tents the chumming competition started. Buckets of smelly fermented corn were dumped into the lake and then everyone tried to see who could send a boilie out the furthest into the lake with their homemade boilie sticks. Little beeps were heard throughout the finger into the lake as bite alarms were armed for the night.

The next morning the carp moved in on the bait. And, as is our usual response, whenever anyone got a run we all ran over to see what they had hooked. Since I was on the other side of the point I had to run through the woods to get to the others to see what was on the line. It was easy to know when a run was on as we all set our bite alarms to their highest volume. Hooktat was the first one in with a nice double. Cookie got a nice big fat carp on one of his homemade monster boilies. Alibi Rob didn't need any alibis as his rods were bent over with a big carp. Even Oatmeal Jack caught a nice carp. The Caveman recorded it all for us to watch over again between bites.

It was turning out to be an excellent carp fishing trip and I was glad I had picked out this lake. I enjoyed my secluded swim away from the others. I like to sit in peace and quiet sometimes and contemplate the meaning of my existence and why gas costs too much. I also like to listen to my goatrance music, which the other guys don't appreciate but would really like if they just gave it a chance. Around lunchtime I saw a couple of canoes full of women paddling towards my cove. They waved to me and then they all took off all of their clothes and tipped over into the water. My first response as a carper was to curse my luck at picking a swim where a bunch of people were going to swim all day and ruin the carping, but, my goatrance side said, what a great swim with a bunch of Mountaineer women swimming nude in it. I knew I couldn't tell the other guys about this, they would all come over and crowd my little camp site and chase off the women and maybe even worse, the carp.

Just then I got a short run and I could hear the herd tramping through the woods to see what I had caught. Luckily I shook the carp got off the hook and shouted to the other guys to go back to their swims, false alarm. I then turned my bite alarms way down until I could barely hear them even when I was standing next to them. The carp had stripped my boilies off so I had to rebait. I was shaking so hard from excitement, from either the last run or the nude swimmers I couldn't tell, but I almost ran the boilie needle through my thumb. My carp fishing side finally got baited up with boilies again. But, the goatrance side of me came out while I was casting, bungling up the cast and snapping my rig off and sending it sailing high over the heads of the swimmers.

The swimming women were all just letting their boobies float on top of the lake and getting tanned when they heard the big splash right past their heads. Man, I was thinking, I just screwed up my swim, first with a bad cast to scare away the carp and second I might have scared the nudist women away. Instead I got lucky, the girls shouted that they would get my hook for me and each turned ass end up and dove to the bottom. I couldn't believe it was real, all those beautiful bottoms turned up to the sun mooning me in unison, it was almost like seeing a school of 30 pounders picking up boilies from the bottom of the lake, and I might get my rig back too. I was torn between the moons looking me in the face and carp fishing, a raging battle went on in my mind between my carping side and my goatrance side. I somehow resisted the temptation to go swimming and tied on another rig as my carping side won out. As I was making another cast, my goatrance side stepped in again, and my rod just went sailing out into the lake towards the swimming Wild Wonderful West Virginia Women. The women laughed and said they would get my rod for me. Once again they all upended, this time they found my rod for me and brought it back to a big rock I was fishing next to and gave it back to me. Those boobies were just floating in the gently rocking waves and I almost fell in myself, but the carping side of me told me I had to take care of my reel so it didn't get ruined. Why hadn't I come here bass fishing, I have plenty of bass fishing rods, I wouldn't have minded losing a couple of those rods to the moon goddesses.

I could hear the guys catching on the other side of the point. I had to take a break from the bathing beauties and pretend I was here to carp fish. I ran over to see Hooktat reel in another nice carp. I told them I was blanking. They asked what all the splashing was about on my side and I told them some carp were already spawning in the shallows. Caveman said he wanted to come over and take some pictures, but I told him the water was muddy on my side and he wouldn't be able to see them. Cookie tried to give me a handful of big ass boilies but I had to go right now. Oatmeal Jack started blabbing about how to catch the spawners but the goatrance side of me wasn't listening. Rob wanted me to test his new flashlight strong enough to see through twenty feet of water but it was still daylight out. Caveman insisted I look at his latest landscape pictures but the moving picture playing in my swim was much better. I needed to get back before the lunchtime swim was over!

As I ran back through the woods I made a plan. Instead of losing all my rigs and wasting time tying knots I would use melting PVA thread to tie stuff, anything really, to my swivel, in the hope that the naked ladies would retrieve it from the bottom of the lake for me, a good compromise between the goatrance and carp sides of myself. Of all the horrors I could imagine, I couldn't accept that I had spent too long talking to the guys making sure they didn't invade my swim. The nudes had left. I could see the canoes off in the distance paddling back to the other side of the lake a long long way off. I collapsed into my chair, feeling that something special had passed me by, that no one would believe my story about the moonfest in my carp swim. I caught a few carp after my guests had left, so the moons hadn't affected the fishing, though I almost lost my rod in the lake again as I couldn't hardly hear my bite alarms. I turned them back up to full blast and soon the herd was pounding through the woods to see what I had caught. They were confused when I couldn't smile holding up a new PB for a picture.

My carping buds think that I have some secret carp fishing hole I am not sharing with them as I have missed half of our outings this summer. I can't tell them that I keep going back to the sweet spot on Lake Avalon hoping to recapture that magic moment. I carry 10 bass fishing rods with me every time I go there. The carping side of me won't let me use carp fishing rods for this pursuit. If my heart isn't fully into carping I won't allow myself to take carp fishing gear anymore. As me and my inner Goa sit on our rock on the Avalon, not having seen another moon all summer, the inner carper keeps begging me to chunk out a few boilies and concentrate on catching a few more carp before it gets cold.

Avalon John.

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