Exploring the River Swim - the Danish Way

I have had one of the best carping weekends in a long time this last weekend of July 10th. Three Danish college students on vacation here in the States asked to fish with me at my River swim. Since my River swim is 185 miles long I said sure and gave them directions to a new swim we were developing that had a nice beach for night fishing. After two days of fishing there Bjarke, Morten and Mikkel were only catching low doubles which surprised me to no end because the location I chose for them had some nice deep water and apparently lots and lots of snags.

Bjarke, Mikkel and Morten
With Thier New Killer Pack Bait

After seeing this was a little fish swim with the carp averaging only about 10 pounds I couldnít well let them stay and fish for such little carp, fun to catch yes, but not really for serious American vacation carping, so I had them pack up and relocate. Thatís not and easy job when you are carrying everything you need for an extended stay. After checking out the lay of the new swim Bjarke, Morten and Mikkel took turns with a scuba mask and snorkel swimming across the whole river from side to side checking out the bottom. If they couldnít see the bottom two feet were stuck up through the air and down they went into waters too deep for us to see the bottom from a boat. I was very IMPRESSED the way they surveyed a new swim even after I had told them all the things that I thought were there but turned out to be figments of my imagination (maybe it flooded last year on the Potomac?). As the guys swam around they would position markers they carried with them while swimming to try to mark good lanes and structure. I have them all memorized now and so I donít have to go swimming!

Bjarke with a 9.8 Kg (21.5lb) PB

The daytime was not good fishing, I lost what looked to be a near 20 and that got everyone pumped up a bit (except for me). My brother Brett pulled in a nice little double, his first carp this year and I followed with another little double. Bjarke, Morten and Mikkel were getting worried this might be another little 10 pound fish swim but I told them not to worry, nighttime is a good time in the summer at this swim and all you need is some sweetcorn and oatmeal.

Morten with a 10.7 Kg (23.5lb) PB

I left and went home to my nice comfy bed while Bjarke, Morten and Mikkel stayed by thier rods all night. At dawn I arrived to find some tired Danes and failing to wake them up I found a nice fat juicy spider (a real BFS) and gave it a nice warm home inside Mikkels sleeping bag. These guys can sleep on rocks, boulder or logs no problem! Failing to noticeably wake them up I set about setting up for the day, hoping they had caught. I set out doughnuts and Surges for thier breakfast in case they ever awoke. As I pounded in my banksticks into the hard ground I went to test Mortens bite alarms and noticed some black bags in the water, they were moving gently, they were stuffed with carp! Bjarke, Morten and Mikkel had scored well that night. Bjarke had a 20 (new PB), Morten had two 20s (new PBs) and Mikkel had a 20.

Mikkel with a 9.5 Kg (20+lb)

I was happy my guests had each gotten a 20+ and that three new PBs were achieved, I was glad to get them started on the hunt for BFCs in America. Bjarke, Morten and Mikkel carefully put each carp on thier unhooking mats and we took a lot of pics and they gently released each fish as though it were a world record carp.

Proper use of an Unhooking Mat

I am happy to have shared my humble river swim with Bjarke, Morten and Mikkel, to have gotten them hooked on Surges and to supply them with a few new PBs, although I donít think the 20 pound PBs will stand very long and are soon to be broken. If these 3 show up at your swim invite them in, feed them some doughnuts and Surges and they will swim around your fishing hole and tell you what it really is like on the bottom. They also donít mind dragging out a big nasty limb like the one that caused me to loose my big one the day before, and they will also give you back some of your sinkers that they find on the bottom of your swim.

By Oatmeal Jack, July 1999, Potomac River, MD, USA

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