The alarm sounds and the Carpiers look around, was that my rod tip going down. Better get out of their way or you will be run over, they can even jump over a big blue boulder. Black birds that sound like bite alarms make everyone jump, then their hearts go thumpity thump. They walk down the bank looking for fun, and charge back up the river at the sound of a run.

After all it could be a 30!

They are the Carpiers. Three rods in a pod, all 12 feet long, wont fit in their car so they carry them far. Donít bump their rods or you may get dunked, they donít like missed bites and they donít like getting skunked. Every run could be a new PB, could even happen while you pee. They zipper up and run like hell, screaming as they slid and fell. Grab that rod and save your pod.

After all it could be a 40!

Smell that boilie, a carp can too. Boilies spread with a spod, throw out 500 in front of the pod. Some like red, others yellow, share some boilies with your carping fellow. It used to be oatmeal and worms was all that was needed, no SBS flavour rules to be heeded. Boilies can be strawberry, or cherry, or green lipped muscle, please keep the lid on tight, or with your wife you will fight. Boilies on a hair made of spider wire, to catch a carp that will inspire. Boilie stoppers for great big whoppers.

After all it could be a 50!

With Carpists and Oats and an assortment of strange fellows, they head to the waters puffing like bellows. To see the carp jumping high in the sky, to cast out real far without knowing why, these are the Carpiers. They sit and they wait, uncertain of fate, could that bite be the 50 pound monster that has been eluding me?

After all it could be a 60!

Oatmeal Jack

June 1997

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