West Virginia Mountaineer Chili

In this chili most of the red comes straight from the chilies, a little toasted tomato pasted adds a nice flavor and this makes a pretty hot chili if your homegrown chilies had a good year, if not hot enough just add some more powdered chilies :)

Soak 8-10 dried Anaheim chilies in can (15.4 oz or whatever ridiculous amount comes in a can nowadays) beef stock until soft then in a blender puree them until smooth. To blended Anaheims add a tablespoon of the following, Red Caribbean Habenaro powder, Thia Dragon powder, Ancho powder, Black pepper, Sweet Spanish Paprika, Onion powder. Also add a whole head of garlic and puree all together. Throw in a teaspoon of cumin.

Brown 2-3 pounds stew meat in a cast iron dutch oven in a little olive oil. When meat is done remove from pan and de glaze with beef broth. Add several large sweet or Yellow oninions chopped up plus a few chopped up bell peppers and cook in the pan until clear and keep cooking until they beging to brown and most of the liquid has been evaporated. Add one 6oz can of tomato paste to the bottom of the pan and let it get toasted. Add the pureed pepper mix and the meat. Reduce heat to low simmer and leave on the stove top for a couple of hours, topping off with beef broth if it gets dry.

Mountaineer Jack

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