Demon Carp

I have been to hell and lived to tell about it....

Last weekend I visited Oatmeal Jack's river swim - what a complete and utter bastard of a place to fish. (No offense Jack) This place is one of those venues where upon arrival you start to get that tingly feeling and have trouble focusing on anything except getting your rods in the water. Beautiful place (to look at).

Andy "The English" D. with His First Potomac River 20 July 1998
(We cant get rid of "English" now that he has found lots of BFC)

I was excited because I was going to get a chance to use my long range Kevlite as my third rod and try to reach a feature well out into the river that normal mortals would not be able to reach. I didn't anticipate the demon carp that Jack fishes for....

My first two rods were already rigged up, so I baited one with some stinky corn that was approaching 2 weeks old and cast out. Casually placing the rod onto the rests I turned and started baiting up the second rod, just as I sat down and starting picking through a handful of corn, my first rod was away...and when I say away - I mean AWAY. The damn thing nearly pulled my buzzer bar in complete with Delkims... excellent, I remember thinking as I set the hook and start patting myself on the back for I was obviously going to get a bunch of carp today. I nearly howled with laughter when Jack told me to lighten my drag, what the hell is he talking about I thought - I always fish it set this way and never lose fish. Ping. Silence. Limp Line fluttering in the breeze.

Demon Carp 1. Andy 0.

Repeat the above scene 15 times and you pretty much have my first hour's fishing. Yes 15 times. I vaguely remember Jack commenting on how slow a morning it was when we hadn't had a bite for 6 minutes. Again howls of laughter.

So here I am. Drag loosened, 15 leads lighter than when I turned up, and starting to wish my rig bin held more than 10 rigs at a time, when I land my first fish. Must have played it for 15 minutes, thought I had another 30 for a second, until this little 14 pounder peers up at me from the folds of the net. I was exhausted, and I still hadn't managed to get all three rods in the water at the same time.

Andy "The English" of MD with his first double
from the Potomac River Swim July 1998

At the end of the day, after hooking about 30 fish and landing 4 I started to hallucinate and could have sworn that I was seeing big carp mopping up the loose pieces of corn about 15 feet out....just in the shallows in front of us, dancing in and out of the rocks. couldn't be. (Jack told me later they sometimes come in even closer)

I am probably never going back, it took me a week to recover, the bride wants me to go see a therapist.

Jack is obviously a nut case with masochistic tendencies as he fishes here a lot, but then again that would explain a lot of his posts to

Be warned any who venture too close.

Andy Dowie, July 1998

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