Early in the summer of 2001 I was minding my own business fishing for carp on the Potomac and catching a few over some chum. I noticed an old man in a boat out in the middle of the river watching what I was doing. He soon pulled up to shore and asked what the heck I was doing. I told him I was carp fishing. He told me nobody fished for carp on purpose. About then my bite alarm screamed and I caught another tough fighting river carp. The old man was impressed. I invited him to join me and baited him up with some corn. It wasnt long before he was into a carp of his own. He said, "Well I'll tell ya boy, these dam fish put up a good fight, I think I am going to fish with you for a while".

That is how the old man Ed adopted me as his carp fishing buddy. We each have a boat and both know the river well so we had many arguments over which boat was going to be used this weekend and if we were going up river or down, but we always caught carp, not always a lot and not always big but always it was fun fishing with Ed. His yellow suspenders, bright smile and unbelievable fishing and hunting stories filled up a carp fishing day. We fished together for the last time, unknow to either of us, this last September 2007, we caught four carp between 18-20 pounds before lunch and were very pleased. Hunting season ended fishing season. Ed was wondering if he could get back out and hunt this year and I encouraged him to give it another try, I would take him out myself if he wanted and drag any deer he luckily managed to hit out of the woods for him. Being stuborn he went by himself and it was too much for Ed, his final hunt did him in. Sadly the end was slow and Ed left us October 21st. I would have liked to be able to say Ed died pulling a 12 point buck out of the woods and had a heart attack, or that the biggest carp in the river had fought him to a standstill, but Ed was like the rest of us, just a normal nice guy out to have a little fun in Gods woods and rivers. After 75 years of fun, Ed will be missed by many.

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