Fishing Party on the Shenandoah June 2007

THE Carp Fishing Party of the year started this May and is going strong. Lots of chum is filling the river and the carp are getting fat and happy. This fishing party is going to last all summer and will only keep getting better. Best of all, lots of new carpers are being taught what real fun carp fishing is. These guys adapted their catfishing and long range surf casting skills to catch carp, from all the way out in the middle of the river where the channels run. Chumming from boats or Kayaks, hundreds of pounds of corn is going into the river and hundreds of pounds of carp are going to come out! This story wont end until the first frosts drive everyone into the woods with their bows, and then everyone can remember THE Fishing Party while waiting for some venison to come walking down the trail, which circles right back to the river because we is eating deer all summer while carp fishing!!!

THE Fishing Party is Just Getting Started for the Summer

Mark the Carp starts the party with a nice one

Amanda gets advice on reeling in her first ever carp

Amanda and her Mom with her First Carp, Amanda christened this swim and the "River Party"

John takes his pet goldfish for a swim

Kennedy thinks it might be a big one

Kennedy pulls in the biggest of the night

Dad Mark has to take his own picture while the rest of us eat deer sausage

DUCK and COVER whenever Mark casts at night or during the day!

Mark and Kennedy working on a nice carp in the dark

Fireflies at night at the River Party Swim

This is a Carp Fishing Truck


John brings in his Goldfishes Uncle

Maureen with her first carp of the night

Mike and Son working together to land a nice one in the dark

Jack picks up one on the drop at night

Robert teaching the twins how to net a big carp

NetMen, always ready to net a big carp

Maureen, Mike and twins, a fun carp fishing family

Couple of nice carp for Mike on a very nice morning

Roberts fast fishing carp

Mikes Carp Fishing Tat

Mikes Hooked on Carp Fishing Tat

Mike with the firt BFC of the night

Jack gets a pair of nice carp with dough balls

Roberts long carp in the middle of the night

Jack with a nice carp

Mike with the first big one of the day

Rob with another LONG carp

Jack with another nice carp

Mike and Sons early in the evening

Rob and Maureen with the first double hookup of the night

These are WV Carp Fishing Kids

Rob with the biggest of the night after a long hard fight

Mike with the biggest of the night

Jimmy, a new carper, with his first of the night

My Fishing Neices

Jack gets cute little carp of the night award, both with big bellies!

The shift from river bank to tree stands in the fall brings
Kennedys first buck of the year, congradulations!

Shenandoah River Swim 2007

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