Fishing Party on the Shenandoah April 2008

THE Carp Fishing Party of the year started early this year on April 5th, with the Frech dude Francois catching the first carp of the year on sweetcorn. 2 weeks of very slow fishing followed and then on April 19th the carp got hungry and started coming in.

THE Fishing Party is Just Getting Started and Kennedy pulls in the first BFC of the party this year

Mark, Kennedys dad, gets his first of the year

Jack starts off the year with a nice carp too

The Blondies Come Back to Carp Fishing June 1st, 2008
Saturday Night the Blondies Came Back to the River and Carped with
Uncle Jack and Avalon John

Avalon John Gets some Help from The Blondies Who Just Come Back to Carp Fishing

The Blondies Come Back to Carp Fishing and Catch a BFC

John and Brettney With Double BFCs

Brettney with Her First Fully Scaled Mirror of the Year

Brettney with Her First BFC of the Year

Brettney Carp as Long as Her Leg

John from Avalon with a Pair of BFCs

John is Rescued from a Beaver Hole

Johns Beaver Hole BFC

Jacks Sunday Morning Fish While Everyone Else was Sleeping
Brettney, Kennedy and Mark Show Up Later on Sunday

Kennedys Sunday Afternoon Fish Following the Hail Storm, Mark picked up Kennedy and a nice carp too

A couple of the egg filled carp mamas to come out during our early June 7th heatwave

John pulls in a very fast male during our early June heatwave

Brett and Dixie are back out on the river this summer

Tara got of work making Pizza and catches the BFC of the night, AGAIN Aug 2nd

Craig the Carpier gets his first Shenandoah River Carp

Oatmeal Jack with a nice Shenandoah River Carp

Robs carp fishing truck and handmade carp fishing box, the small box

Shenandoah River Swim 2008

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