Heron Run on the Potomac, July 29, 2000

Uncle Jack and Bretteny. Our first 2 carp of the day,
a double hookup, me a low double and her a 20.

My brother Brett and I took his three daughters carp fishing on Heron Run on the Potomac River this July, 2000. I had begun preparations for this important fishing trip on Thursday evening when I dumped the first bucket of fermented corn into the swim. I came back Friday during the middle of the day when the sun was high and bright and was rewarded with the sight of a nice big mud trail going up the river. A search for the mud trail maker revealed not one carp, but a whole herd of them working the chum bed, this was a lot of fun to watch. I decided to put out another bucket of chum to keep them interested in the area. As I threw out the corn right where the carp were feeding they would scatter a few yards away and then come right back to eat more corn. Surprisingly there were very few carp jumping that day but it was obvious that the carp were on the feed.

Sara and Tara with the first of many big carp they caught.
Tara got the biggest carp of the day at 23 pounds.

Little did me or Brett know what was in store for us on Saturday. As this swim was a little tight we decided to just share 3 rods, I had a feeling we would have lots of double hookups and with kids running around that means more lost fish. We decided to reel in the other rods when we got a run so we could focus in on each fish. I didnt even have all 3 rods out when we got the first run, Brett set the baitrunner and handed it off to Bretteny. Before the other rod could be reeled in it took off on a screaming run and I grabbed it and was into my first fish of the day. The pattern for the day was soon to emerge. Me and Brett would catch little carp and the kids would catch the big ones, we tried to get the big one ourselves but were out of synchronization with the BFCs. Even when we let the kids take our turn they would pull in a big double or 20 something and our run would results in high singles if we were lucky!

Bretteny with her second biggest carp.

The kids qued up and waited for the sound of the alarm to announce that they would get to fight another Demon River carp. Their arms would tire and their hands got cramped from holding the long 12 foot rods that were 3 times longer than they are. Each one pressed on and fought. They loved that first run when the carp heads for the hills of West Virginia across the other side of the river. They soon learned to keep the tip up and to pump them in, one after another.

Sara and Tara with the first of many big carp they caught.

Eventually 19 carp were landed, the girls taking turns catching and netting each others carp. Luckily only 2 carp were lost, one to the ever present sharp pointy rocks that abound everywhere on the river and the last carp of the day, which took off as our fastest run and tangled all 3 lines before we even grabbed the rod. We didnt bother with weighing every fish, just Taras 23 pounder. We taught the kids to land and net their own fish, putting them on a unhooking mat and controlling the fish so they could unhook them safely and finally each kid learned how to hold a big fish without dropping it on its head.

Father Brett and Uncle Jack with the little carp that dads and uncles got to catch.

Heron Run
Oat, July 2000

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