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About Brian Brits (SA)

I really love fishing and it is more then a hobby for me. I always go out for a battle and hate to lose. Let me tell you more of myself. I started carp fishing in 1981. In 1983 I joined the Munt Freshwater fishing club. In 1984 I made it to the Northern Tranvaal team, untill 1988. Never made the South African team. In 1989 I stopped club and competition fishing. This is where my fishing really started. In some ways its funny but I enjoy beating myself. I have a lot of friends and they couldn't make it to the club teams. I started to teach fishing to my friends and anyone who wanted to join the club fishing. My nephew Frans was a member of Eco-Care and also fished for The South African freshwater team. He tought me a lot and stole himself a few tips from me. He was good and spent most of his time fishing competitions and did a great job for the sport. In 1997 he died of illness and I loose a fishing partner.

Club Fishing is a nice game but it takes much of your time. I spent about 3 to 10 days a month carp fishing. Roodeplaatdam is about five minutes away from my home. After work I would quickly go out and spent some time fly fishing for catfish (barbel). Weekends I go out carp fishing at Hartebeespoortdam 40 minutes away. Roodekoppiesdam (70 min), Bon-Accorddam (15 min) and the Vaalrivier (2 hours) away. Not too far to travel for me.

My way of fishing

My idea of fishing is somewhat funny, I use a logbook and always try new things. To catch 20 carps on one day is easy during the summer, but to catch a carp over 6 kg (13lb) starts to be difficult. If someone catches a carp it is normally between 1kg and 3kg.

At Roodekoppies I can easily catch 50 carp on one weekend between 1kg and 4kg. If you get the picture you will realize it is not easy to catch a carp of 15lb in South Africa. The best day for me to fish is the day the carps dont want to bite. Then the battle starts! If you get one it is normally bigger, about 4 to 9kg. Winter and bad weather are my days. Good sunny days belong to my fly rod. I'm a computer operator and work shifts, so night fishing is partytime. If one works office hours it is difficult to stay awake. Most of my best methods were born during the night. If everything is still around you and the competition anglers are a sleep, its time to make a break through, something for my logbook. Then go over to my own competition. I will move near to club and competition anglers and give them a go. Fish from a distance and make sure to win. If I loose I'm not afraid to ask questions and it help to ask the angler next to you what he is using.

My tackle

Two 16ft Blue Marlin Carp rods. You must get distance in South Africa and the deeper the better.
Two center pinn reels with 4lb (0.20 mm) breaking line.
Knight hawks tackle box on stands with only bait and flavors.

My bait and flavors in tackle box:
Honey, Hemp seed oil, Gleseriene to keep the bait soft.
Green / Red Florescene, Tartraziene to color the bait and water around your bait.
TCP, Vodka, Rum, Spirits, Glucose used in energy drinks and Sweetex
Flavor mealies (Full Kernel Sweet Corn, Fully Ripe) in almond, pineapple, tutti fruity, caramel, banana, honey, vodka, TCP, cherry, strawberry and cinnamon.
Brown bread pastes of yellow caramel, yellow almond, yellow Reel Run, Red cherry, Red Rasberry and honey.
White corn pastes in almond, honey, cherry and banana.

The Set Up

The best bait is a set up with mealies and brown bread or a white paste. It is never the the same. Change it from day to day. I believe in weather factors. Simple rig is sidehooked mealie with bread paste on the hookshank dipped in a little florescene.

This carp was caught at Roodeplaatdam. Our record is 27kg in South Africa caught at Klaserie dam. My biggest is about 12kg caught at Renosterkopdam, 11kg at Hartebeespoortdam, 8kg at Bon-Accord but loose a big one of over the 20kg at the same spot, 7kg at Roodeplaatdam and 7kg at Roodekoppies but the carp there got V6 motors in, good fighters.

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