Newbies on the River May 2007

The weather was frightfull, bright and sunny one minute, cloudy and windy the next, it just wouldnt settle down as is usually here in the spring. The carp were eating all the chum but each day we went fishing a cold front moved through putting them off the feed. On other days in both the Potomac and Shanandoah rivers they were bitting like crazy, just not the days we went out. Returning River Swim carper Alan chummed for us and got the fist carp, but they were picky today, short runs and nonagressive bites were the rule. A newbie Brianna, Craigs girlfriend and a long time fisherwoman fishing with her father took a turn at catching one of our ellusive carp today and got a nice one. Craig blanked and Brianna let him know about it. Two new guests of the River swim finally got to fish with us, Ken and dad Mark of WV, newly converted carp anglers that make a great carp fishing team. May2007

Alan with his first River Swim carp of 2007

First time Carper, long time fisherwoman, Brianna showing Craig how to reel in the BFCs

First time guests to the River Swim, Father and Son Carpers, Mark and Ken

River Swim Nay 2007

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