Mikes Fish Camp April 2009

The first bass fishing trip of 2009 got of to a beautiful start. The water was cold, the fish were a little slow. If you didnt fish slow you were just practice casting. Deep in the lilly pads the bass and pickerel lurked, put the lure right in front of their face or you got nothing. Eagles, herons and kingfishers filled the sky. Cairo shared his enthusiasm and our host Mike spent a lot of his fishing time doing chores like fixing the dam. John and Rob fished so slow we sometimes thought they were stuck. I cant fish that slow so trolled some with Toni and taught her how to cast. She did so well she caught a bass right out of the lilly pads with a senko she picked out and swam between the lilly pads. Some Crappie were fried up by Mike for supper and Rob did his famous Sunday breakfast, both qualified for fish camp gourmets. For me the hightlight was Toni catching her first bass on her own in a very hard fishing situation, in the lilly pads, cold water and a very slow bite. I wont forget that while I was slowly creeping a jid thru the jungle she jumped up and shouted, I got one. Her first largemouth caught and photographed she dug right back into the weeds with me and we didnt catch anymore bass. What fun we had sharing fish camp with Mike, Rob and John and Cairo.

Tonis First Largemouth on a Senko

Cairo Sharing His Love of the Water Playing Keep Away with His Firehose

Mike Fish Cabin

Mike Fixing the Dam

Toni Bravely Walking the Dam

Eagle Nest

Mikes Beautiful Lake

Jack and TOni at the Cabin

Rob Trolling About for Bass

Rob with a Bass

John with a Bass and Chain Pickerel

Jack and Tonis Pontoon at the Dock

Jack Trying to Fish SLOW

Jacks Bass for the Weekend

John and Jack Cruising in the Pontoon

Weight Limit on the Dock, 1 Jack

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