Mikies on the River August 2006

Three boats left the calm harbor in hopes of taking on the carp that roamed the swim. One boat was captained by the old man of the river, Easy Ed, and a first timer Norm, now another old man of the river, and Norms grandson Erin on his first carp fishing trip. The second boat was full of Mikies, one Mike an experienced captain of his craft and a prolific chummer, one Mike of Mikes Rock fame with first time carper Kyle. Kyle didnt know if he trusted two Mikies together, one is usually bad enough but two together, especially when both have fallen out of boats before can scare anyone. The third boat was piloted by Oatmealjack and longtime carpier Craig. Craig thinks he has grown up now and has the glasses and motorcycle to prove it.

The day started off foggy, too foggy for the old men who slammed the pier with their mighty big red truck, punishing both truck and pier but finally getting in the water first, racing to the chum which has been picked over for a week by BFCs. They would have gotten lost except for the lighthouse high upon the mountain. Erin had high hopes for this fishing trip, his first after carp, and he thought he could help Ed practice launching the boat some too. Oatmealjack and Craig pulled expertly into the river and took off confidently upriver, forgeting they were supposed to go downriver to meet the old men, but fog can confuse anyone. Then a Mikie showed up through the fog and at full throttle with sunglassed on and caused much confusion. The current was swift and rough and the fog swirled but the chum had to go in anyway. Our chum was a little older than normal and even the flies wouldnt eat it but we knew it was our secret weapon to catching carp.

The old men got the first run, the carp putting all his side against the current and searching for the rocks. Finally Norm got his first ever carp, a beautiful mirror never before seen in this part of the harbor. Ed was quick to follow, struggling with the big carp and the swirling fog. Finally Erin hooked into the BFC, it pulled the boat, it threatened to pull Erin into the river. His rod straining he finally won, his first carp, and its a big one, to big to even hold up in the boat, but we wont let it be his last. Then Mikie jumped up and was onto a carp that swung his boat sideways into the dangerous current, stretching his line towards the unseen shore. The other Mikie showed up with Kyle just as the fog cleared and one Mikie picked them up from the pier and returned to his beloved chum spot. It was here that the carp surrounded the Mikies and Kyle, spitting out their chum and farting bubbles in their direction. Never have such mean spirited carp made it so far up into the harbor. But, the Mikies were ready and Kyle was fast onto a carp that sensed Mike of Mikes Rock fame was in the boat and headed right for Mikes Rock. But just in the knick of time one Mikie helped Kyle ease the carp from the menacing rock and finally Kyle wrested his first every carp into the boat of the Mikies. Kyle forgot about how dangerous two Mikies are together in a boat at the same time and savored his first BFC!

Meanwhile Oatmealjack and Craig were using bait specifically designed for only the smartest carp in the harbor and didnt find any that day, but, when you are using bait designed for only the pickiest of carp and a bunch of hooligan carp show up they often refuse bait that has been aged as carefully as a priceless bottle of wine. We did get to enjoy the first carp of three new carp anglers, one old fellow and two young fellows. We didnt get to see any Mikies fall out of the boat and the old men didnt ram the pier on the way out. After the fog cleared we could see schools of carp swiming in the harbor, all fat from 3 full days of chumming!

Kyle being helped by a Mikie on his first carp

Another Mikie holding up Kyles first ever carp

Easy Ed and Norm, the old men of the river

Easy Ed and his biggest so far this year

Norm with his first carp from the harbor, a MIRROR!

Norms Grandson Erin with his FIRST carp, it wont be his last!
Its too big to hold up safely in the boat!

Captain Mikie in the fog and his first carp of the day

A boatload of Mikies and a Kyle fighting a rock bound BFC

Longtime carpier Craig showing how a cool dude carp fishes

2 Mikies Swim

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