The Little Red Balls of Goodness Bait Recognition Theory

Your average carp has a rather mundane existence from day to day. They swim around with thier buddies going from one patch of food to another, bathing in the sun or hanging around a nice comfy safe snag. They might stop at a silty patch of mud to dig for bloodworms, swim over to some weeds and graze a few leaves and then go root around some rocks hoping to find some crawdads or nympths. They do this day in and day out and are very pleased to go on this way thier entire lives.

Certainly they get a little excitement, who doesnt look forward to spawining season! Once the orgy is over its back to bloodworms and hunting down hellgramites, thier bread and butter so to speak. Sometimes they might pick up a nightcrawler, get stung by a hook and go screaming off into the deep not knowing from where the danger is coming. They learn the feel of a hook early, it is something to learn to avoid. Besides the occasional hooking there are predators to flee from to keep thier wary edge sharp.

Then one day they find a pretty little red ball of goodness, it is so good and sweet and different from anything else they have ever seen. They even shove each other out of the way trying to snarf each little red ball of goodness that they can find. What a joy to find such a wonderfull thing just laying out in the open, you dont have to suck it out of the mud, you dont have to chase it, you dont scratch your nose flipping over rocks, you just have to find them and inhale them and you get that rush of sweet rich flavors so unlike anything else in the whole world! What a glorious thing are these little red balls of goodness, but they only show up on the weekends and then they dissapear and cannnot be found no matter how hard you look. Its back to the bloodworms, if you are lucky a crawdad will swim out into the open and you get something nice and juicy and crunchy.

Here come some more little red balls of goodness, sheer joy its the weekend again and they must be hatching out. OH CRAP, some Bastard put a hook in one!! They are soo good, how can they hide anything bad? You have to be carefull even with the little red balls now, you never know when an air breather is going to drag you out of the water, stick his finger up your bum and then toss you back in, and they dont even let you keep the little red thingy! Bastards!!

By Oatmeal Jack, Febuary 1999, Potomac River, MD, USA

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