Shepherdstown Sept 2002

Missing Carper Craig "Carpier" returns to the River Swim, girls, fast cars
and girls distracted him for a while, but he was rehooked from the first cast.

Sean of WV working on BFCs. Sean joined us fishing this year and is not only
holding his own but lending us his killer boilies! On of these is a 26er.

I was hoping that after starting out the morning with this little 22 pounder that they BFCs would keep rolling in, which, they did :)

Peter "Palerider" of MD with a funny looking little carp that looks
like it ran into a wall and got slinkied.

Joe, Paleriders brother with a new PB of 20 pounds, also his first carp so
thats not a bad way to start off!

Two fully scaled mirrors back to back, its rare enough to catch the odd
mirror but often if we get one another soon follows. The next morning another mirror gets caught in the same spot using a bobber with a brain just like the others. Under the bobber was a cage feeder with oatmeal :)

Dr. Ajian, a guest scientist from China, with a carp caught on Seans setup,
he used Seans because Sean was catching carp and I wasnt at the time, guest
scientists always go with the active rods and even like release shots.

Ted watched and listened to us on Saturday morning, on Sunday he couldnt resist and came over to fish with us. Turns out Ted has been carp fishing in this area since the early 50s when they used to chum with sour chicken scratch feed from the poultry house his friend had and then fish for carp with doughballs. It took a while but I finally got Ted to try a hair rig, he now wants a Wacker Baits catalouge.

Niece Bretteny with an early morning nibbler.

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