Sugars Swim on the Potomac, July 26, 2003

Some "good ole boys" from my home state of WV showed up to do some carping for the first time. Shane and Jessie arrived at midmorning with Sean and his wife Stephanie to fish with Oatmeal Jack and Pale Rider on the upper Potomac River at historic Mecklenberg, WV. This swim was where Oat was tought by his father to fish for carp and where many newcomers to carping have had their first screaming run, not to mention their first snags visiting my rock garden!

Shane, first time carpier, giving his first ever carp some sugar

Daddy Longleggs stealing some sweetcorn from Pale Rider

Jessie, another newcomer to carping, flexing his first Sugar Swim carp

Oat shows up and wins the stupid hat of the trip award

Pale Rider with a nice RiverSwim carp, one of several big ones that showed up

Sean and wife Stephanie with a brace of nice and golden Sugar Swim carp

RiverSwim carp hiding in the weeds

Sugars Swim
Oat, July 2003

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