Swimming Tiger Swim on the Potomac, August 28 2004

The Swimming Tiger Swim produced run after run on Saturday at the end of August 2004. We couldnt tell if the first run was from a BFC or a small teen as they were all fighting like crazy! Every now and then though, one would pick up the hair rig and just stay on the bottom and you could feel every pulse of that huge tail as it fought the pull of the flimsy line. They hit on the drop, there were double hookups but luckily no triple hookups - there is a limit to how much fun you should have at one time! Easy Ed lost a new PB at the net but wont be able to return until after bowhunting season ends. West Virginian Sean bought with him his secreet bait forumula that turned out to be worh keeping a secret as the butterflies wouldnt keep away from him, he also had a tremendously difficult time keeping more than one rod rigged up at a time due to the constant screaming runs. Sean weighed one carp, a 24, but with the runs coming so fast and furious we just unhooked them and slipped them back in to cast out as fast as we could again.

Easy Ed with his first carp of the day

Jack with a couple of commons

Jacks mirror, or half mirror, or just a strange carp?

One of Jacks BFCs of the day

Sean first BFC of the morning

And a couple more of Seans big carps

And the rest of Seans big carps. Sean got the bigger ones no doubt due to his secret bait, maybe its nectar the way the butterflies were swarming all over Sean :):)

Swimming Tiger Swim
August 2004

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